More HGUC Zaku Kai

I had been updating my previous HGUC Zaku Kai post with different images as I found them – but I thought for this one I’d start with a clean slate… New, larger images of the fully colored HGUC Zaku Kai are now available…

Front view, colorRear view, colorHGUC in a few poses

I’ve cooled to this new kit quite a bit over the last few weeks. It’s not the Zaku Kai I want to see – I always expected the worst should Bandai ever get around to kitting this design again… The fact that this kit wasn’t “the worst” was sort of a pleasant surprise, and I still feel like it has some merit to it… And I’ll no doubt get one, for comparison if nothing else… But it’s ceased to be an exciting release for me. It’s long past time that I got back to serious work on my own build.

Lately I’ve been working on the 3-D CG version of my Zaku Kai, trying to work out the design of parts that I hadn’t fully fleshed out before – the position and shape of joint parts, mostly – in order to work out what gets built next and how to go about it. I’m also trying to find ways to improve the model’s posability, and work out at a practical level what the finished model will be capable of in terms of poses.

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  1. You know, I finally put the HGUC Zaku Kai next to the old 1:144 kit (but with a properly-sized head on the old kit) – and I think I’ve been suffering some kind of plamo Stockholm syndrome with this release. The old kit looks too squarish, but it is nevertheless a beast. The new kit… meh. It lacks might.

    tetsujin | 2008-07-14 | Reply