Shoulder armor refinement, spike work

Since doing the basic form for the shoulder armor I’ve spent a bit of time refining the two parts – matching them relative to each other, correcting some minor mistakes I made in the templates, etc. In the mean time I’ve also begun work on the spike for the shoulder armor – I’ll be building one spike and then recasting it to make the full set of three.

Actually putting the spikes onto the shoulder armor could be a bit of a challenge – the trick is that “fringe” around the base of the spike actually has to be sunk into the surface of the shoulder armor and then blended in. Most likely I’ll have to fully refine the blank shoulder armor part first, then plot out the three places where the spikes will be installed – cut holes in the shoulder armor part, install cast copies of the spike “fringe” and then patched up with epoxy putty or something. Hopefully I can do all that and also have the spikes be properly aligned… Then the spike “fringe” will be cast as part of the shoulder armor when the shoulder armor is ready to be cast… The spikes will be cast separately.

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