Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch Cherry Bomb!

Been a while since the last update – since last time I’ve made progress on the feet, the knee area of the lower leg, and the strut that’s visible at the front of the leg. Most of the work has been application of Bondo to the existing parts – Bondo’s a great medium for getting parts built up quickly, due to how well it bonds to itself and how quickly it cures… But at the same time, for these faceted parts, the number of Bondo applications I have to do can get pretty tiresome.

The strut at the front of the leg, of course, is made of two diameters of telescoping metal tube. I initially tried making this part with plastic stock, but the results using metal cut with a tube cutter were way better. Of course, someone with a metal lathe could do a lot better, I’m sure. The two areas that are totally new are the areas of the lower leg nearest the knee – the blocky shapes on either side of the leg and the big hood that will sit over the front of the knee joint. The blocks were kind of an odd part to deal with, at least on the one-coin figure I use as reference: the parts look fairly blocky, but the vertical sides of the blocks aren’t really flat – there’s a slight crease there. I wasn’t sure whether it was best to strictly follow the figure’s representation of the area or if it’d be better to smooth it out a bit, make it more of a curve rather than a crease… For now it’s got the crease, but less prominently than on the figure. I built these sections by cutting out flat styrene pieces to act as the guides – for each side there’s one upright guide and three horizontal… Most of the flat faces that make the 3-dimensional shape are done with Bondo. The knee hood is a part I just started – I cut the two flat parts from 1mm styrene and super-glued them to the knee block, then bent them a little bit to get the right contours. It’s great having this feature represented on the model now – the look of the leg finally starts to come through a bit. It makes me impatient to get the legs done, so I can pull those boring LH80s off the model and put the proper legs on…

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  1. way to go man!! but sure you’ll take time to finish that one…

    but goodluck!!!

    i C h | 2008-12-14 | Reply

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