Third Attempt

After constructing the second version of the chest block, I examined my design and decided that the chest block would look better if it were less tall vertically – so I determined that I would have to build another one again. Due to a problem with my installation of Blender I was unable to use the unfolder script this time, so I got the information I needed by manually unfolding the simplified chest mesh and screen-capturing the result.This time around I also used thinner styrene: .5mm instead of 1mm, for construction of the parts. This made it easier to cut and assemble the parts, but also made the resulting part more prone to warping. I experienced similar problems when working on the backpack. As a result, I will likely stick to 1mm sheet for this kind of thing in the future.

New in this version of the chest block parts are the included cutouts for the backpack, arms, and detail bits. In retrospect I should have added cutouts for the vents at the bottom-front of the chest, too. Oh, well.
OverviewTest-fit (1) Test-fit (2) Test-fit (3)

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