Completed Works

Despite the large number of kits I’ve bought over the years, there are actually only a few which I have satisfactorily completed. I do expect that to change, but for the moment the rather unfortunate fact is that I haven’t made a lot of models worth displaying, or even keeping.

Finished Models

1:144 Queadluun Rau
Started:February, 2008 Completed: October 18, 2008.
I had wanted to build this model of the battlesuit used by the Zentradi women in “Macross” for the February, 2008 Mecha Model Comp. The theme that month was “Female Mecha”, so the battlesuit used by a fleet of gorgeous giant warrior women seemed absolutely perfect. Alas, I missed the deadline. But I did get this model ready in time for Granitecon, eight months later…
Workshop Series: 1:100 GM (unit 10)
Started: Jan 30, 2007 Completed: Feb 9, 2007.
Ever since I started doing the Mecha Modeling Workshop I’ve been trying to come up with models that would make good demonstration pieces. The idea behind this one is to show, on one model, the difference between an unpainted model with stickers, and a painted model with decals and dry transfers.
1:144 Geara Doga
Started: Jun 24, 2006 Completed: Nov 9, 2006.
Since I had a chance to meet Izubuchi this summer I wanted to do a model of one of his designs reasonably quickly. From the kits I had on hand the Geara Doga seemed like the best choice. It took longer than I’d hoped but I’m pretty happy with the results.
1:144 Gundam Wing Zero
Started: Nov 30, 2004 Completed: Aug 18, 2005.
Yet another reasonable project gone completely out of control. I feel I did some very nice work with my alterations for this project, however.
1:144 Strike Gundam
Started: Nov 18, 2003 Completed: Apr 28, 2004.
Another example of my habit of turning a normal project into a hundred-hour monster. This was a kit I aimed to complete for the Cyber Model Competition in November, and wound up completing for a later CMC in April.
Workshop Series: Regult
Started: Feb 2, 2004 Completed: Feb 14, 2004.
The first kit in the “workshop series”, excercises in basic model construction and handpainting. The goal of these excercises is to get some much-needed practice of core modeling skills, evaluate techniques that will be taught in the workshop, and have fun building some simple stuff for a change.
1:144 Guncannon
Started: Unknown Completed: July, 2002.
When I needed a break from more demanding projects, I turned to one of Bandai’s most satisfying and perfect inexpensive kits: the HGUC Guncannon. This was a fairly quick project and an experiment in painting with the Max Technique.
Super Deformed Zaku
Started: October, 2001. Completed: July, 2002.
The Zaku is one of my favorite designs – back around the time I was working on this kit I’d had a High Grade Zaku I’d been working on for almost a year. I spent a fair deal of time just trying to figure out what color it should be. I used this SD Zaku to test my color choices before giving the 1:144 yet another paintjob.
1:144 Gundam
Started: August, 2001. Completed: January, 2002.
My original plan was to prepare this Gundam and a 1:144 Zaku by the time MS Gundam premiered on cable in July, 2001. Things didn’t work out that way, and my HGUC Gundam became a painting and decaling excercise, and my first new kit completed since buying an airbrush.

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