Third Attempt »

I started a second version of the backpack based on the new construction plans: however, careless work introduced a few visible errors, so I decided to start again, and be more careful in the new attempt. Particularly, I want to be very sure that matching parts for the left and right sides match as closely […]

New Construction Plan »

There were some issues with my previous attempt at building the backpack: some angles weren’t quite correct, some of the places where plates were joined inside the backpack were kind of sloppy (featuring gaps and, later, excessive filler) so I decided to start over using what I learned about box joins vs. mitre joins when […]

Basic Form »

This version of the backpack part was taken straight from the Blender model – parts laid out on .5mm styrene sheet, cut out and assembled. I did find it to be a bit tricky to lay out the parts for the inside of the backpack so they could be added to the outer shell which […]