Fourth and Fifth Attempts »

The third version of the chest block part had a few problems: in particular it was prone to warping and it didn’t have the holes on the bottom of the chest block drilled out, or even marked. As a result I decided to remake the chest block part from thicker stock, and drill out the […]

Third Attempt »

After constructing the second version of the chest block, I examined my design and decided that the chest block would look better if it were less tall vertically – so I determined that I would have to build another one again. Due to a problem with my installation of Blender I was unable to use […]

Second Attempt »

As mentioned previously, after I’d built my first attempt at the chest block part I realized that the plans I used to do it were incomplete – lacking in a couple features that had already been incorporated into the design plans, and a few of the angles had changed somewhat between that design and the […]

First Attempt »

A while back I created a paper model of the chest based on my design plans – it was a bit crude but it was very reassuring to see my design as a real 3-D object and feel confident that it was correct. Now I’ve decided to dive in to the process of creating a […]