Resnout (day 22) »

The work on the new sculpt of the shoulder pauldron has consumed the majority of my time since I started this challenge. There’s still work to be done on it, and unresolved problems with it, but I need a change of pace. So tonight I gave the pauldron one more pass (removing the front spike […]

Flawed Methodology, Compounded Errors (day 21) »

Last time around I identified an alignment problem with the spikes on the shoulder pauldron part. Prior to that discovery, while the part is still in rough shape, I felt I was on the right track to get it where it needed to be. However finding the alignment problem left me feeling I needed to […]

Pauldron Progress and Setbacks (day 19) »

Day 18 I pretty much just fell asleep. It’s not crucial that I always succeed in making progress on the project every day but of course that’s what I’m aiming for, so it’s a bit disappointing when I don’t. Anyway today I focused on refining the edges of the pauldron, using measurements from the centerline […]

Casting Spikes, Something Clever (day 17) »

“Day 16” didn’t amount to much – motivation was low and I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to accomplish. I spent a bit of time carving and refining the new putty work on the pauldron. Tonight I opened up the spike mold I made a couple days ago to see how […]

Symmeretry (day 14) »

Today I worked on correcting some symmetry issues with the shoulder pauldron. With this build of the pauldron it was mostly just the spike fringes that were carefully aligned at the start of the process (and even then, they required some rework) – the rest was mostly free-sculpted. So it’s kind of natural that there […]

Let’s try that again (day 13) »

If I were superstitious, I should have stuck to my daily routine for the 100 day challenge yeaterday and skipped it today. Fortunately I am not prone to that particular brand of foolishness.

Abort, Retry, Refail (day 11) »

Tonight I adjusted some of my pauldron work that I’d done on other recent nights. I can’t really hope to get the alignment of these parts exactly right, but if I can spot something wrong, and verify it with a measurement, then I can do better.

No Lemons, No Melon (day 10) »

Having created the shell layer for the pauldron yeaterday, today I took my first pass at refining it. This process involves a lot of eyeballing, measuring, trimming, and sanding to make the part look better.

Pauldron stuff and stuff (day 9) »

I started off today’s session by going back to yeaterday’s work to try to make sure it was properly formed and aligned – somewhat surprisingly I didn’t find anything that I felt really required revision. Compared to my first attempt and the spike work that followed, the process for building out the shoulder this time […]

The Beast Returns »

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update to my Zaku Kai project: much of that time has been spent on other pursuits, but there’s also been a fair bit of work done that I simply haven’t found time to document fully. Most recently I’ve been working on the shoulder joints and the arm […]