Suspended Projects

Some of my projects have fallen by the wayside over time: incomplete and more or less abandoned, for the time being anyway. I expect I’ll resume work on these at some point, but for now I’m just putting WIP data from these projects online for reference.

It’s taken me some time to bring my modeling skills and equipment up to the level where I could complete a model and be satisfied with the results. Because of this, some of my current projects have been “current projects” for over a year. It’s also worth noting that there are always various other models that are in various stages of test-fit or repair: those listed here are recent or current ones which have received the most attention.

Works in Progress

1:144 Gelgoog Jager
Started: January, 2006 Status: Construction in Progress
The HGUC Gelgoog Jager is a fine kit but not quite in tune with how I think the Gelgoog Jager should look. This was my attempt to make a good, quick build of the kit.
1:72 VF-1 Battroid
Started: August, 2002 Status: Completed, then scrapped
This was my early build of the kit I’d then dubbed “The best injection-molded mecha kit of all space, time, and alternate dimensions.” (The Armored Core line has since stolen that title away from Hasegawa) After completing the build someone pointed out a color mismatch in my paint scheme. I stripped the paint in order to try and fix it but I never got around to it.
1:60 Zaku
Started: January, 2003 Status: Under Construction
I wanted to build the PG Zaku into an elaborate scale model of a Zaku, but was disappointed by the model’s simplicity and lack of credible scale details. I sought to fix that, but the only custom work I’ve done with the kit so far is to start work on a set of poseable hands with better detailing than the kit hands.