MMC Tournament Plugin

I’ve been involved with the Mecha Model Competition site since it started up – I was the one (the only one? Maybe. :D) who thought it’d be a good idea to try judging model contests using a single-elimination bracket… So, in July 2007 I wrote a WordPress plugin that would display a single-elimination bracket using HTML and CSS.

Since then the plugin has been gradually evolving – in January 2007 I gave it a real content-management interface (the earlier version had to take its tournament state from a PHP file included by the plugin – very messy and potentially a security risk, even…), added judging data entry, and started adding more tournament judging formats to the plugin. It’s still very much a work in progress, but it has at least reached a state where it’s reasonably usable…

Upcoming matches

AC "Bishop" vs. Sword Strike Gundam
1:200 Regult vs. 1:144 Mobile Sumo

The source for the plugin is currently hosted at My SF Page – it is licensed under the GPL.