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Scope Eye First Group Build: Armored Core

The purpose of this group build is to encourage people to get crackin’ on Armored Core builds, and to help people who just want to see some good build-ups know where to find them. Everybody is welcome to participate – I am aiming for a deadline of October 31, 2008 to finish the projects. If you’d like to participate, post a comment on this page with information on who you are, what you’re building, and where we can go to see the work-in-progress, and I’ll incorporate it into the list on this page.

I’ve added a post category for the group build, too – I’ll post information there periodically regarding new participants in the group build and progress on various projects.

Group Build Projects

Modeler Website Project Status
Tetsujin Scope Crest C75 白兵戰 WIP
J.Eさん AC Armory AC Calibre 305 Complete
Clem Clem-master-janitor (DA) AC Split Skull Complete

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  1. Working on the dual machine gun wielding C01-GAEA.

    Still in the tinkering with parts phase but should meet the deadline.

    Clem | 2008-07-19 | Reply

  2. Cool! If you have a website where we can see work-in-progress, I can put up links…

    tetsujin | 2008-07-19 | Reply

  3. Yeah, I’m completely finished with the build. I was told today was the big day and I have a series of pictures. Usually I just take one picture of the front but all the damn details Kotobukiya puts into the designs and all the work I put in (plus swearing) has made it a need to show it all work. I just have no idea if I’m suppose to put it up here or should I put them all up on deviant.

    Oh yeah, deviantart is the only site I’m on with my kits ( I had no way of placing more ‘in progress’ related pictures over the last few months since it’s about 10 miles separating the kit from the camera and the net.

    Clem | 2008-10-01 | Reply

  4. And I see I’m way early on the finish according to the clock on the right. Whoops! Hah, ah hell, I needed to finish at least one more kit this year. Who knows how long the next will take?

    Clem | 2008-10-01 | Reply

  5. Yeah, sorry about the confusion with the deadline. I changed it at some point between when I first started talking about having a group build and when I finally kicked it off…

    I haven’t really opened up this site to the point of giving other users posting powers (not sure if I’m ready for that) but if you’re OK with it I’d like to snag copies of the model photos from DA and post them here. If you’d rather not, that’s totally OK, too.

    Time for me to get crackin’ on my entries. I’d wanted to finish the Hakuheisen by the end of September so I could also enter it in the MMC…

    tetsujin | 2008-10-01 | Reply

  6. Go for it. I was about to ask you if that would work since I seemed to have misplaced my camera again.

    I’m rather good at misplacing things right in the open.

    Clem | 2008-10-06 | Reply

  7. Oh, man… tell me about it. Lately I’ve been losing things all the time, and right out in the open… It’s very frustrating.

    tetsujin | 2008-10-08 | Reply

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