Super Deformed Zaku

My High Grade Zaku has been in the works for a long time. Now that it’s nearly complete, I decided it was time to test my new color choices: As I wasn’t about to give the High Grade yet another paintjob without trying it first, I decided to use my SD Zaku instead.My current Zaku color choices are based on the colors seen in 0080 and 08th MS Team: this scheme is similar to the scheme used in the original MS Gundam, except the colors are darker and “warmer”, more like military olive-based colors. I went through several attempts to get the right set of colors, first using Testor’s Model Master military flats, then Mr. Color. After a lot of consideration and studying the color samples in Giuliano’s Shop, With some help from Giuliano, I came up with the following scheme:

  • Light green areas: C122 RLM82 Light Green
  • Dark green areas: C123 RLM83 Dark Green
  • Black areas: C14 Navy Blue

The SD Zaku itself is a bit rough around the edges: some of the shortcomings of the kit (hollow areas in machine gun, shield, feet, etc.) are corrected with epoxy putty, but the detail in those areas is a bit poor – this is a color test, after all. The good news is that I’m very pleased with the results of the color test: the light green in particular is almost exactly what I’d been hoping for.

New photos:

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The Technological Pride of Zeon:

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…Versus the Federation’s Newest Weapon!

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