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Detail-related pun (day 33) »

I just realized, at this point I am one-third of the way through the hundred day challenge. I’ve known from early on there was a real chance that, at the pace I was establishing, I probably wouldn’t finish the whole build in the hundred days, but being a full third of the way through the […]

Detail Wagging the Dog (day 32) »

Tonight I didn’t really know what to work on. There’s no shortage of things to work on, of course, but picking one and moving forward with it in a meaningful way can require some thought. I decided to spend tonight adding a bit of detail to the chest block. It’s relatively simple work, the main […]

Gettin’ down on pi-day (everybody lookin’ forward to the weekend) (day 30) »

Not a lot to show today as I spent a fair bit of time on some more-or-less dead ends. I spent some time checking the alighment of the backpack and came to the conclusion that, yeah, it’s probably a little bit off but its mounting posts seem to be in the right place so maybe […]

That’s right! Monoeye! (day 29) »

With the basic shape for the head interior done I’ve started work on the monoeye. I do something like this for virtually every Zaku I ever build, though this time is a little different since I’m also thinking about how to make it in a way that I can cast copies in resin. I also […]

Springing Forward (day 28) »

Yeaterday was the first in-person meeting of my local model club since the Before-Times (the long-long-ago) – I spent most of my time there (and later, at home, in the evening) working on the new Hasegawa Regult. As a long-time Macross fan it’s very welcome to see Hasegawa finally making this kit, and overall I […]

Unimaginative Title: Hatch (day 26) »

Continuing my effort to get the torso closer to its final form, I took a crack at building the cockpit hatch, and cut the notch in the bottom end of the canopy.

Cockpit Canopy Work (day 25) »

It can be a bit hard to start a new piece of work. Lately I’ve been thinking that I want to focus on getting the torso of the Zaku looking a lot closer to finished – that way when I show a piece of work, I can show it in context of at least some […]

Make Sharp Edges Rounder (day 23) »

Not the most productive session maybe, but progress is progress. I did some more work on the head, trying to improve the new snout as well as the cable receiver on the back of the head. Unfortunately this old head sculpt does seem to have some symmetry problems and it hasn’t got a clearly-defined centerline, […]

Flawed Methodology, Compounded Errors (day 21) »

Last time around I identified an alignment problem with the spikes on the shoulder pauldron part. Prior to that discovery, while the part is still in rough shape, I felt I was on the right track to get it where it needed to be. However finding the alignment problem left me feeling I needed to […]

Pauldron Progress and Setbacks (day 19) »

Day 18 I pretty much just fell asleep. It’s not crucial that I always succeed in making progress on the project every day but of course that’s what I’m aiming for, so it’s a bit disappointing when I don’t. Anyway today I focused on refining the edges of the pauldron, using measurements from the centerline […]

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