HGUC Zaku Color part 2

I guess this is a bit more substantial of an update than the last one, since now I’ve actually painted some parts. This is the first real look at this Zaku (approximately) as it will look when finished.

I wanted something that would stand out more than the other Zaku color schemes I’ve done – but still be very much a basic Zaku color scheme – and I think I pulled that off. (Of course, it’s basically the “Real Type” desert color scheme – though I don’t really think of this build as a desert-use Zaku.) Though I kind of get the feeling that it’ll look out of place any time it’s lined up next to the others… At this point I guess the next thing I need to figure out is the markings.

A couple other minor things have changed since last time: First, the hands are from a new set of castings, which is why they’re unpainted… I got myself a paint pressure pot to do pressure castings, and it’s improved the quality of my castings significantly. But it took some time to get the gear and set it up, so I proceeded with painting the rest of the Zaku even though the hands weren’t ready. Second, I added an “under-layer” to the skirt armor to bridge the gaps that appeared between segments due to some of my modifications. I’m really pleased with how that turned out.

A couple other things to note: first, there is a spot where paint’s come off the shield, at the front edge. I’m not too happy about this, the part fell on my floor (bare, rough concrete) and the spot chipped off. Ever since the flood, the floor down here has been a real hazard, I think it’s time I came up with a plan to fix it up… Also, a few of the modifications show through the paint. The blue putty I used to alter the legs shows through ever so slightly (not enough primer, I guess) – and the surface of the rear skirt where I erased the crappy HGUC bazooka rack gimmick is visibly uneven – I’ve since sanded that down to give it another go. Finally, the base color of the forearms (Char red, since I had already glued the original green forearm parts before I decided to go forward with the wrist and elbow modifications) shows through a bit. It’s mostly in panel lines and such but it’s frustrating… I’m not sure what went wrong. Not enough primer, again? I guess…

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  1. That chip on the shield is perfectly placed for battle damage…

    Mark | 2011-06-13 | Reply

  2. The thought had occurred to me. But I really don’t like to make decisions like that based on whether a model part happened to fall on my rough, bare concrete floor. :) I’m going to spot-paint it.

    tetsujin | 2011-06-13 | Reply

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