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Slain by Skill Issue (5 days until SCGMC) »

I’ve been continuing work on the 1:220 scale Zaku FZ build, trying to finish it up in time for SCGMC. As the remaining time began to dwindle, the project became increasingly rushed, until finally it came down to one last day before my departure. Ultimately, a critical error from earlier in the build convinced me […]

There are no small parts (18 days to SCGMC) »

Every year when SCGMC approaches I have all kinds of grand plans. This year, with the contest theme being of particular interest to me, I had all kinds of ideas, giant resin-printed monstrosities, quirky, comedic builds, and of course my scratchbuilt Zaku FZ. And every year so far I’ve had to drastically scale back those […]

No Such Thing as Luck (51 days to SCGMC) »

The time remaining before SCGMC is diminishing, and I’m sorry to say it’s not looking good for this project at this point. The upshot is I’m getting organized, focusing on setting a pace that can yield success for the project and working hard to get parts finished. At this point I want to spend more […]

50 Shades, but the 1980s Version (not quite… 63 days to SCGMC) »

It has been pretty rough of late trying to get motivated to work on my projects for SCGMC. Most of this year my engagement with the hobby has been spotty at best. Early in the year my plan was to start things off with a number of small, quick projects starting with the Zakus in […]

Hiatus gonna Hiate (147 days to SCGMC) »

A long time ago I build the Hasegawa VF-1 Battroid, a mecha kit so well-proportioned and nicely detailed that, at the time, I dubbed it “the greatest injection-molded mecha kit of all time, space, and alternate dimensions”. These days there are maybe a few other kits I’d rate higher, but it’s still one of my […]

Need a change of pace… I know! HG Zakus! »

With SCGMC 2022 behind me, I have a whole new year of model projects to look forward to. SCGMC2023 is coming up and this time really for sure the Zaku Kai is gonna be done. I have other projects in mind for the show as well… Plus Anime Boston is coming up and I need […]

SCGMC 2022 »

This past weekend I attended SCGMC – I think this was my 6th time attending. Presently it is the only model show I attend other than the local ones and so a lot of my efforts in the hobby on any given year culminate in what I have ready to show (or not) at SCGMC, […]

Critical Flame-Out (14 days remaining) »

Things have not been going well for this project. Back at the end of August, I worried that I was running out of time until SCGMC but with two months left, I felt I could buckle down and make it happen. Unfortunately, I’ve just not managed to re-engage with the project with the same kind […]

100 Days Later (70 days remaining) »

Earlier this year I did a “100 day challenge” to work on my Zaku Kai project: The idea of the challenge was to work on the project every day for 100 days. It was a great experience in a lot of ways, but by the end of it I was ready to take a break. […]

To Be Continued (day 100) »

I haven’t made much progress or posted any updates in the final 10 days of the challenge – until this one at least. I did some more work on mounting polycaps in the upper leg and, in recognition of the end of the 100 day challenge, I put together as much of the model as […]