description3-D models for computer graphics and 3-D printing. Released under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license
ownerGeorge Caswell
last changeFri, 22 May 2020 19:14:12 +0000 (15:14 -0400)
2020-05-22 George CaswellScaled down height of MMP-80 to 90% of previous. Sculpt... master
2020-05-20 George CaswellRefined MMP-80 mesh. Added vents for muzzle booster...
2019-04-04 George CaswellZaku Kai: Reworked forearms to get a better profile...
2018-07-06 George CaswellBuilt out more of the torso and hip shape. Solidified...
2018-07-03 George CaswellBundled reference images into Blender file
2018-06-12 George CaswellZaku Kai: Fixed an issue with the head cables
2018-06-10 George CaswellGM Command: Packed-in image files and replaced MG GM...
2018-01-20 George CaswellZaku Kai: Tweaked skirts and forearms
2017-12-30 George CaswellAdded Zaku Kai, Hygog, and Alpha Azieru models (WIP)
2017-12-29 George CaswellAdded GM Command model (WIP)
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