Guest Entry Completed: AC Calibre 305

Around the end of October, J.E. completed his group build entry, called “Calibre 305”. You can see the model below, or on his site, AC Armory.

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  1. Hey hey hey I’ve completed it on time! I was already taking pictures 2 hours before the deadline. Sadly there’s barely any sunlight getting in my room so it took until Nov 3 to get some decent pics(503MB in total)

    I wonder what the future holds. It’s been really hard trying to convince people to join in.
    Anyway I’m still looking forward to see your Hakuhei gettind finished.

    J.E.さん | 2008-11-13 | Reply

  2. Corrected!

    Yeah, I’m back on the Hak. Last night I filled in the hollow tops of the LH80’s front silver part. I had been somewhat unsure of whether I wanted to do that or leave them as-is, but I decided that with the recessed details on the knee and stuff it made more sense to fill it in… plus it helps make the wiring harder to see! I’ll post photos when I get a chance…

    Hopefully I’ll at least have it done before Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to entering it in the MMC Open in December, don’t think I’d be able to get another one done by then, though…

    tetsujin | 2008-11-13 | Reply

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