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Hakuheisen Update »

I had been trying to finish this up for Otakon in mid-July but that didn’t work out… When I first resumed work on the project there was more that needed to be done than I had thought: the planned wiring was unfinished, some parts hadn’t been sanded or even glued, and so on. In the […]

Guest Entry Completed: AC Calibre 305 »

Around the end of October, J.E. completed his group build entry, called “Calibre 305”. You can see the model below, or on his site, AC Armory.

AC Hakuheisen Wiring »

So this is the project I wanted to have done for the MMC Blue contest last month and the Armored Core group build this month. Unfortunately there’s no way I can meet the build deadline at this point: I spent too much time working on Granitecon projects this month and last. Anyway, the project is […]

Guest Entry Completed: AC Split Skull »

Seems the first completed entry to the Armored Core Group Build is in, built by Clem: It’s called “AC Split Skull”.  You can see the photos in Clem’s Deviant Art Gallery. I’ve made a copy of the photos here as well.

Crest CR-LH99XS and AC Cherry Bomb »

When I first started buying Kotobukiya’s Armored Core kits, my intention was to come up with relatively easy builds that would be unique enough to be distinctive.  Most of the configurations I’m building are based on ideas I’ve developed in the game: I don’t necessarily feel my model projects should be limited to what works […]

Armored Core Group Build Start »

The Group Build page is now online and I’ve created this new post category where I will post updates related to the group build – things like summaries of the progress on various projects, new projects added, projects completed, and so on. There have been a couple people so far who have said they might […]

Armored Core Group Build »

Kotobukiya’s Armored Core kit line is probably the best injection molded robot kit line to come out in recent years – and yet, it seems exceedingly rare that anybody posts so much as a WIP thread for one, let alone a finished kit.  I tried (and failed) to motivate the Armored Core fans out there […]