1:100 Zaku WIP

I’ve been working on this project for a while: it is to be my entry in the Old Kits Contest on MMC…


Last night I finished up sanding the parts and then washed all the parts with soap and water, and gave ’em a rinse. This is a step that I’ve been skipping for years, sometimes because I was unwilling to take the extra time, sometimes because I was worried that leftover water or soap on the model surface would do more damage to the paint adhesion than any dust or oil on the surface could have done…

However, on several recent projects I’ve had paint adhesion problems. Nothing major, so I was never really sure what the cause was – usually just the edges would wear off way faster than I’d like. It happened on the Geara Doga, HGUC Zaku, the Scopedog… Probably on the Queadluun Rau – I can’t remember… Anyway, this time around I decided to try the soap scrub again, see how it plays out. With luck, the parts should be all dried out tonight so I can start priming them.

My plan for this thing is to paint it up all “Real Type” style – not necessarily one of the paint schemes from the Real Type Zaku kit Bandai put out ages ago – but something in that vein. I like the idea of this ridiculous, goofy-looking old kit getting the “serious military paint scheme” – and it’s something I expect would have appeared in the hobby magazines of the day…

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