Old Zaku – minor update »

I dullcoated the old Zaku and put some pigment powders on it… Really haven’t got the hang of powdering models yet, but I’m OK with screwing things up a little on this project… After the first round of powdering I dullcoated it – and unfortunately didn’t mix the flat base into the future adequately, and […]

The Real Robot – nearly complete »

Since I missed the MMC deadline I’ve been working on the Zaku when I could – at this point the decal work is done, and I’ve given it one coat of flat and an overall dark brown wash. I still need to handle a few bits of detail painting (like the bullet-holes I added to […]

Zaku progress, and lack thereof »

Things have been progressing with the Zaku – most of the final colors are on at this point – most of what’s left is decals, detail paint, finishing coats and weathering. I have some decals on already, as well, so I’m rockin’ the “Real Type” style”.

More Old Zaku »

My quest continues to execute a quality build and the best “I take giant cartoon robots too seriously” paintjob on this, the very first Zaku kit… (edit): Actually I don’t know for sure when the various early Gundam kits were released – I had thought the 1:100 Zaku came before the 1:144… but according to […]

1:100 Zaku WIP »

I’ve been working on this project for a while: it is to be my entry in the Old Kits Contest on MMC…