Hasegawa VF-11 images (from Hobby Search)

Hobby Search provides us a valuable service on their shop: item listings include not only basic images and descriptions, but box and instruction manual scans. Since I’ve been involved in this hobby I have taken advantage of this many times. Now that Hasegawa’s VF-11 kit is out (but not yet in my hands) I have anxiously downloaded their scans to present them here. (the images they provide are very useful, but the web interface they provide for viewing them is very slow and kind of annoying)

Box and Assembly Instructions

Color Guide

Parts and Decals

Official pre-release images

Preview and hobby show images

This kit has been a long time coming: the Hasegawa Macross line started roughly ten years ago, and the other Macross Plus kits were released back in 2002. Macross Plus had a big impact on me when I initially saw it, and the Thunderbolt was always my favorite design from that show, so I was thrilled when I heard this kit would be coming out. My kit should be shipped within the next day or two – I am planning to start work on it as soon as it arrives.

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