Five Years Later… (day 45)

Prior to the 100 day challenge my progress on this project was characterized by bursts of activity separated by years of non-engagement. The past couple days I haven’t managed to get any time in on the project. Missing two consecutive days of the challenge feels like that, like I’ve been making all this progress but it could just stop at any time and I wouldn’t get back to it until 2030 or something. A bit of an overreaction perhaps, but I do want to do better than that.
Today I continued work on the polycap joint connecting the chest block to the midriff. Honestly, it still needs work, it’s been a challenge trying to get the two polycaps properly aligned with each other, and to get the two rods that plug into them parallel with each other and properly situated in the midriff. But I think what I have now, I’ll be able to work with, without having to start over (again).

Getting the second polycap installed properly has been a challenge. The main thing is that the two polycaps must be aligned each other on the same axis. If the axes of the two polycaps are at an angle to one another, or if there is an offset in their position, then the joint won’t be able to bend properly.
I’ve had similar problems with the rods: it’s very difficult to get them aligned to the same direction and position. If I get it wrong, the joint can fail. As it is, there is currently a difference in the angle of the two rods, so I may need to remove one and give it another try.
Refining the polycap installation has so far been an iterative process: I install the polycaps, check their alignment to each other, identify a way that their position or alignment could be improved, remove the polycaps, cut away material to help place the polycap in a better position, reinstall it, add cyanoacrylate glue to reinforce the polycap in its new position… And repeat, a lot. This would be a lot easier if I just started with the polycaps constrained to proper alignment, and built the torso around it.

As it is, though, the joint seems to work pretty well. I get about 15 degrees of bend from the joint, which doesn’t sound like a lot but it has a pretty good effect. I may be able to increase the range a little bit, let it swing farther back and maybe a little farther forward, too, and maybe get 20-25 degrees out of it. I do feel that I need to try to correct the alignment of the pegs, however, They are a little bit off and I’d like this thing to be as well-aligned as I can manage.
I will also say that it feels good to have more of the model connected in something close to its final arrangement. Just adding in the midriff doesn’t seem like much but I think it makes a difference in the overall effect.

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