Hakuheisen: Assembly and cleanup

I’ve been doing more work on this project, hollowing out shallow-molded details like the open end of the grenade launcher barrel and starting the long road of assembly and cleanup work needed to get this thing ready to paint.

Right now I’ve started with the weapons: the GAST rifle, the grenade launcher, the missile interceptors, and the laser blade: I’m working on getting those parts glue-assembled and ready for paint. So far the interceptors are done and the grenade launcher is shaping up pretty well. The rifle still needs some more work, and I haven’t started on the laser blade.

When I get more time I want to work some more on the wiring: I’ve come up with some ideas of how to run wires down through the legs to the leg thrusters and so on: it’s a bit complicated but I think it’ll work pretty well. It’s a bit daunting to think about it, though. :)

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