Welcome to Scope Eye!

For those who don’t know me, my name is George. I am a coder and a modeler. Online I usually go by the name “tetsujin”, sometimes by “1-4-4” or just my initials, “gec”. This is my new website. I’m still just getting it set up at this point, so bear with me. I may put in some sort of animated “under construction” thing just for pure comedic value.

(EDIT): Here you go, these have been sitting around on my computer since 1995 and 1996, respectively…

This one’s been on my computer since 1995…I actually have had this sitting around on my computer since 1996…

This space will be home to information about me, my model-building work, and various coding projects I may do from time to time. Until all that’s ready you can see a copy of my old webpage here. If it looks kind of primitive, it’s only because it is.

Now if you’re wondering why the site is called “Scope Eye”… Well, “Tetsujin.com” was taken. :D “Scope Eye” is the name of a head part in Armored Core 2 – but it’s also a tribute to all the cool robots out there that buck the “human face” trend for something more fundamental: monoeyes, camera turrets, all that good stuff.

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