Merry Christmas, damnit! »

The subject line is an early 1980s SNL reference. :)

Rifle Troubles »

As I’ve progressed through the painting of this project all kinds of stupid problems have cropped up. Masks lifting up and getting painted under, paint chipping, all kinds of bad surface scratches cropping up, etc. Really, some parts of this model are a real mess. But whatcha gonna do? Put another 100 hours into fixing […]

More Painting »

Most of the parts are painted now and just awaiting clear coating. The rifle had been painted navy blue – in past projects I’ve had a tendency to paint rifles and such in a single (usually metallic or grayish) color – for this project I decided I wanted to put a little more into it, […]

Painting »

Painting white in the Max Watanabe style basically means you first paint the parts a dark gray (I used Mr. Color Navy Blue – my favorite “black” for most purposes) and then paint them white again, starting at the center of the panel and moving outward to the edges. Because it takes so much white […]

Wing Recasting »

I recast the kit-supplied wings, and then after a long time trying to clean up the feathers on the casts, realized that the originals were crap. So I built new feathers, recast those, and attached them to the cast wings.

Wing Zero Project Update »

After the my initial return to this project, the model looked like this: Beam Rifle:The kit includes parts to build the beam rifle as a single, twin beam rifle. The halves can be separated, but building them as two separate rifles requires additional work: so I made some changes. V-Fin: I rebuilt the V-Fin completely […]