Sockmonkey Sandrock WIP (2008-01-12) »

New changes: Rejointed the arm Built up the front contour of the lower leg a bit with putty so the vents on the knee armor will have the right shape, once I add them Made the cockpit hatch and crotch part narrower I had wanted to rejoint the kit’s elbow, mainly to improve the looks […]

Sockmonkey Sandrock WIP (2008-01-09) »

Didn’t break a lot of new ground today: I cut the right shoulder to match the left (still needs some work of course) I also refined the beard, hollowed out the vulcan cannon area, and added the plates to either side of the face.

Sockmonkey Sandrock WIP (2008-01-02) »

Tonight I made the left lower leg narrower by 2mm (but made the knee guard .5mm wider), trimmed down the left shoulder armor, and reduced the length of the fringe at the base of the helmet by about 1mm. The shoulder armor change was something I decided on a while back: after looking at the […]

Sockmonkey Sandrock WIP (2008-01-01) »

I cut the head apart – took the whole beard off the face and replaced it with Kotobukiya parts and Aves, cut the top of the helmet off and made it narrower and shorter (vertically). This all took a couple hours but I feel like it’s already made a big difference in the appearance of […]

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