Zaku progress, and lack thereof

Things have been progressing with the Zaku – most of the final colors are on at this point – most of what’s left is decals, detail paint, finishing coats and weathering. I have some decals on already, as well, so I’m rockin’ the “Real Type” style”.

Now, unfortunately I had a bit of a setback around the end of last month and lost about a week’s worth of project time as a result. See, I was cleaning the basement…
Isn't that lovely?

But unfortunately the way I went about it was to shuffle all the stuff in the basement into other areas of the basement…
Aack!  Everything wound up in my space!It immediately became impossible to get anything done down here.

The reason for this was that our old water heater had started leaking – water was seeping around under the carpet forming damp spots. Fortunately I turned the water off and dehumidified the ever-loving crap out of the basement, and I apparently made it out of this with no mildew.
This is the new water heater, which our plumber thoughtfully installed rather quickly, leaving us without hot water only a couple days.

I’d had to move everything out of certain areas of the basement so the plumber could get the old unit out and the new one in. After the job was done it took me a little time to get the basement usable again – it’s still not quite back to the state it was in before…
Here's the spraybooth, after I moved a lot of the stuff back.I also took the opportunity to get rid of some junk that was down here. As always, there's more to do still.

Could have been a lot worse, of course, but it was enough to seriously foul up any shot I had at finishing the model by the end of the month. Fortunately, the MMC deadline was extended (looks like I’ll probably be the only one to take advantage of this, though… I swear, deadline extensions never work. I should know by now!) so I still have a shot at getting in the contest.

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