The Real Robot – nearly complete

Since I missed the MMC deadline I’ve been working on the Zaku when I could – at this point the decal work is done, and I’ve given it one coat of flat and an overall dark brown wash. I still need to handle a few bits of detail painting (like the bullet-holes I added to the shield and torso) and I’d like to go a bit farther with the weathering effects – possibly add caked mud to the feet and ankles, among other things, but overall it’s very nearly done. I am starting to consolidate assemblies to reduce the number of parts – things like the knee armor, now attached to the knee, the backpack, now attached to the back, and the snout power cables now attached to the snout…

In the photos the Zaku is mostly assembled – it’s really too soon for that still, but I wanted to take some pictures of how the thing will look when it’s done.

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