Blender models, Git repository

While working on various projects in the past I’ve created files I thought could be useful to other people: Generally speaking, I’ve shared these on the site simply by uploading them to the directories where I keep my web files. But for ongoing projects it’s more common for me to publish the files only when they are in a more or less final state, mainly due to the maintenance issues involved. To make it easier to share such files and the updates I make to them, I’ve created a Git repository on the site. My first additions to the repository are a set of models I’ve been working on in Blender:
Zaku Kai, GM Command, Hygog, and Alpha Azieru

The Git repository will be updated with new versions of the files when I make changes. git repository

You can browse the repository using the web interface, or use git to copy the files to your computer. The models aren’t done yet but updates will appear in the git repository as I make changes.
The models in the “CG_Models” repository are provided under the Creative Commons “Attribution-ShareAlike” license. This means you can use the models pretty much however you like, as long as you properly acknowledge my role in creating the model, and if you modify my work, you should share the modifications under the same terms. I may change the licensing rule in the future: If so, the new license terms will be posted to the archive itself.
I’ll also be adding other repositories, with things like circuit board designs, microcontroller program code, etc. Now that the repository software is in place I will be using it regularly.
We all receive support and encouragement and inspiration from the modelers around us. From time to time we need to give something back. Happy 2018.

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