Pauldron stuff and stuff (day 9)

I started off today’s session by going back to yeaterday’s work to try to make sure it was properly formed and aligned – somewhat surprisingly I didn’t find anything that I felt really required revision. Compared to my first attempt and the spike work that followed, the process for building out the shoulder this time was a little simplified, using only three cross-sections instead of five, but it’s quickly produced a good result. So today I’m moving on to adding a layer of epoxy putty to form the pauldron itself.

As before, the process of forming the surface of the pauldron is to mix up some epoxy putty, roll it out into a flat sheet, and apply it onto the surface of the clay form. The epoxy putty is then trimmed and sculpted to better fit the proper shape of the part.

The new pauldron will need some further refinement but it should shape up pretty quickly as long as I don’t run into any significant problems with it.

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