No Lemons, No Melon (day 10)

Having created the shell layer for the pauldron yeaterday, today I took my first pass at refining it. This process involves a lot of eyeballing, measuring, trimming, and sanding to make the part look better.

Today’s work was mostly a process of eyeballing the part, and refining areas which were most clearly in need of it. There were areas of the pauldron’s rounded surface where the curve was bunched up or irregular, or where the fringe at the open end of the pauldron was too thick and gave it the wrong profile. This will be an ongoing process for a while, of carving and sanding, and at some point I may separate the two halves of the pauldron and measure things a bit more precisely.

There are some areas that look wrong, but it’s not necessarily easy to tell why. In one view it seemed like the spacing between the spike fringes was wrong. This is certainly possible, as the guides I used to place the spike fringes weren’t super-precise and the parts did shift as I was pressing the epoxy putty into place. But the problem with trying to eyeball problems like this is that I’m evaluating the placement in terms of the surrounding context of other areas of the pauldron – and those other areas of the pauldron aren’t necessarily right, either. Sometimes it can make correct things look wrong, or there may be something that is wrong, but I don’t correctly identify what it is, and fix the wrong thing.

This first pass of work has cleared up a lot of the more glaring issues with the initial sculpt, but of course it needs more work. The good news, I think, is that the approach I took this time was a good starting point. Placing the spike fringes first was a good way to go.

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