Symmeretry (day 14)

Today I worked on correcting some symmetry issues with the shoulder pauldron. With this build of the pauldron it was mostly just the spike fringes that were carefully aligned at the start of the process (and even then, they required some rework) – the rest was mostly free-sculpted. So it’s kind of natural that there would be some symmetry issues. My hope is that a little bit of measurement and tweaking will get the part to a passable state.

This is an issue I’d spotted earlier on, but I take the measurements anyway to confirm that the fix I had is mind the correct one. It’s also helpful for illustrating the issue as I share my progress. To correct the issue I added more epoxy putty to the surface of the part. Later on I’ll carve down the inside of the part to re-establish the correct thickness. While I was correcting this section of the part, I also added epoxy putty around the spike fringes to give them more uniform depth relative to the surrounding surface of the pauldron, to fill irregularities, and deal with other minor issues. When adding epoxy putty to the surface like this there is a risk that the new putty won’t really bond to the earlier layers. If that becomes a problem later on I may need to re-bond layers with super glue or something…

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