Been Skipping Leg Day (day 61)

My track record with the 100 day challenge has been rather poor lately. Tonight I got back into it and turned my attention to the leg parts.

As with most of the other parts of the model, all this stuff was made ages ago. The upper leg parts go back to around 2010. The current sculpt of the lower leg is also from 2010 though a lot of the refinement work was done in 2019. Most of the work on the feet was done in 2012. This project has been in the works for a long time.
So far both the upper and lower legs have been in kind of a rough form, to get the overall shape. The plan was that after I got the basic shape of the parts to a state I was satisfied with, I’d recast the parts to make hollow copies, and then alter those copies to add details and differentiate the upper leg parts for the left and right side. The molds I use to produce these initial copies will essentially only be used a couple times. Fortunately (is it really fortunate?) I have some old, poorly-performing mold rubber that I can use up on these disposable molds. Tonight I started on the first half of the mold for the upper leg part.

It’s not much, but it’s progress. From my recent experiences with this rubber, I should give it plenty of time to cure before I go messing with it…

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