Facing Defeat (day 64)

Today I poured the second half of the upper leg mold and made some headway on the top of the foot:

After giving the first half of the upper leg mold a few days to cure I decided I didn’t want to wait any longer, so I removed it from the Legos and started work on creating the second half of the mold. This required some careful setup: as I built a new lego box around the first half of the mold, I found that this would flex the mold a bit, causing it to form gaps around the part. I trimmed the edges of the mold a bit, and tweaked the position of the mold slightly to get the part to fit better.
After that I faced another problem: as usual, my modeling supplies are somewhat in chaos and disrepair. In this case, the mold release spray used to keep the two mold halves from sticking to each other: I was able to find some, but the spray nozzle from the can had gone missing. I borrowed a nozzle from another spray can, but it didn’t quite fit, causing a bit of a mess. I also had to deal with the usual poor state of the mold rubber itself. But in the end I think I managed to get the second half of the upper leg mold started properly.

After that I decided to work on the foot parts a bit. When I did the picture recently with most of the leg parts, it bothered me that the top of the foot was missing, so I decided to make that. I started by positioning the gray part of the foot at the right position and orientation, then I filled in with clay, put on a layer of epoxy putty, and carved the putty down to the shape I needed.

It’ll be another few days before I can check out the new mold half. It’s nice to have the new foot part, though, it’s one of those bits of the model that I just never got around to making before.

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