Basic Forming

Earlier this week I created “Head Ortho Rough #2”, another 1:50 scale drawing of the Zaku Kai head, which would actually be the one I’d build from. I drew in 1:50 scale to improve the precision of the drawing: to further improve its precision, I scaled it down and mirror-imaged it on the computer, then continued the work with the printout. The printouts were spray-glued to styrene sheet, cut out, and assembled together. Most of the empty space was filled in with clay, and then the outer shell of the head was formed by adding poly putty. The process is very much an iterative one: the smooth curve is formed by adding poly putty, then carving it off again. In the later stages of work the process will be further refined with the use of finer poly putty and measurement of the curves of the part.
Design Plan and reduced copyTemplate Assembly with clay (Hakaider)First Iteration (side) First Iteration (front)Second Iteration (side) Second Iteration (front)

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