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Third Attempt »

After constructing the second version of the chest block, I examined my design and decided that the chest block would look better if it were less tall vertically – so I determined that I would have to build another one again. Due to a problem with my installation of Blender I was unable to use […]

Refinement »

Since the last update, the head has been through a few stages of refinement, in which the head was bulked up with poly putty and sanded down again. The head still needs work (in particular, I think the back end of it is a bit lopsided) but I am hoping a couple more refinement passes […]

Basic Form »

This version of the backpack part was taken straight from the Blender model – parts laid out on .5mm styrene sheet, cut out and assembled. I did find it to be a bit tricky to lay out the parts for the inside of the backpack so they could be added to the outer shell which […]

Second Attempt »

As mentioned previously, after I’d built my first attempt at the chest block part I realized that the plans I used to do it were incomplete – lacking in a couple features that had already been incorporated into the design plans, and a few of the angles had changed somewhat between that design and the […]

First Attempt »

A while back I created a paper model of the chest based on my design plans – it was a bit crude but it was very reassuring to see my design as a real 3-D object and feel confident that it was correct. Now I’ve decided to dive in to the process of creating a […]

Basic Forming »

Pressing onward: I drew out the bottom-view of the head so I could create a styrene template from it and glue it to the bottom of the head work-in-progress. This makes it easier to establish the contour and edge of the bottom of the head and also to create the snout (and to ensure that […]

Ortho head #2 »

This is a rendering of the head that I made in order to clean up inconsistencies in previous head designs appearing in orthographic designs for the whole Zaku in preparation for building the actual head part. I had done one of these before, but I decided to make a new one in order to incorporate […]

Basic Forming »

Earlier this week I created “Head Ortho Rough #2”, another 1:50 scale drawing of the Zaku Kai head, which would actually be the one I’d build from. I drew in 1:50 scale to improve the precision of the drawing: to further improve its precision, I scaled it down and mirror-imaged it on the computer, then […]

Ortho front/back/side #2 »

This front view is mostly a combination of Ortho Front #1 and Leg v5 redrawn on a light table. This front-view also incorporates various improvements and additions that were made on the computer composites, like the second arm, the shield, etc. I created it in order to have a solid baseline for creating side and […]

Ortho leg #5 »

Version 4 of my leg design looked good to me until I tried it in a composite with the rest of the Zaku body. All such composites that I do have the leg tilted, because I regard this as the Zaku’s “neutral” pose. But it’s much easier to take advantage of the graph paper when […]