We’ll give it a shot… (day 49) »

It’s been challenging to make headway this week, just a lot going on. As always, just got to keep at it as well as I can. Last time I reworked the polycap installation for the midriff joint, and lamented the fact that the connecting rods installed in the midriff were still so far out of […]

New Canopy (day 39) »

Last time while working on the chest block and head I actually lost the cockpit canopy part. I figure the original part will turn up sooner or later but it’s a simple enough part that I decided to just build another one. This could be considered a waste of effort but it may be an […]

Contact (day 37) »

I didn’t get anything done yeaterday and today’s work maybe isn’t the most compelling… But it is a necessary step. In a previous day of work I did a rough sculpt of the cockpit hatch and set up the canopy that sits above the hatch. That was just the first step, of course, the parts […]

A Vent Countdown (day 35) »

Continuing the recent trend of working on chest block details, I’ve built the chest vents and cut holes in the chest block shell parts so I can countersink them.

Detail-related pun (day 33) »

I just realized, at this point I am one-third of the way through the hundred day challenge. I’ve known from early on there was a real chance that, at the pace I was establishing, I probably wouldn’t finish the whole build in the hundred days, but being a full third of the way through the […]

Detail Wagging the Dog (day 32) »

Tonight I didn’t really know what to work on. There’s no shortage of things to work on, of course, but picking one and moving forward with it in a meaningful way can require some thought. I decided to spend tonight adding a bit of detail to the chest block. It’s relatively simple work, the main […]

Unimaginative Title: Hatch (day 26) »

Continuing my effort to get the torso closer to its final form, I took a crack at building the cockpit hatch, and cut the notch in the bottom end of the canopy.

Cockpit Canopy Work (day 25) »

It can be a bit hard to start a new piece of work. Lately I’ve been thinking that I want to focus on getting the torso of the Zaku looking a lot closer to finished – that way when I show a piece of work, I can show it in context of at least some […]

Make Sharp Edges Rounder (day 23) »

Not the most productive session maybe, but progress is progress. I did some more work on the head, trying to improve the new snout as well as the cable receiver on the back of the head. Unfortunately this old head sculpt does seem to have some symmetry problems and it hasn’t got a clearly-defined centerline, […]

Fourth and Fifth Attempts »

The third version of the chest block part had a few problems: in particular it was prone to warping and it didn’t have the holes on the bottom of the chest block drilled out, or even marked. As a result I decided to remake the chest block part from thicker stock, and drill out the […]

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