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Elbow Grease (day 74) »

It’s been a bit of a slump with this 100 day challenge in recent weeks and this week is no exception. But part of the challenge is to just keep going, even if things aren’t working out quite how they’re supposed to. Previously I used epoxy putty to create hollow copies of the upper leg […]

Heh, nice. (day 69) »

Although there’s no shortage of things that needs to be done on this project, sometimes it’s still hard to figure out what to do when I sit down to work on it. Today I decided to work on the thruster openings on the hips and the snout.

Advance Fee Fraud (day 66) »

Today I separated the mold halves for the upper leg and used epoxy putty to make hollow copies of the part. I also added a bit of missing detail to the sole of the foot.

Facing Defeat (day 64) »

Today I poured the second half of the upper leg mold and made some headway on the top of the foot:

Been Skipping Leg Day (day 61) »

My track record with the 100 day challenge has been rather poor lately. Tonight I got back into it and turned my attention to the leg parts.

Take my hand; I’ll make it, I swear! (day 56) »

Since I’ve made good headway with the torso I think it might be a good time to get back to the arm, try to get it to a point where it can be integrated into the overall build. First up, the hand:

We’re Halfway There (day 50) »

I didn’t get a lot of time in tonight and I’m at one of those points in the project where I’m not super-sure how to proceed. But I was able to check the completed midriff joint now that the epoxy putty is cured, do a little refinement there, and start on a bit of work […]

We’ll give it a shot… (day 49) »

It’s been challenging to make headway this week, just a lot going on. As always, just got to keep at it as well as I can. Last time I reworked the polycap installation for the midriff joint, and lamented the fact that the connecting rods installed in the midriff were still so far out of […]