Make Sharp Edges Rounder (day 23)

Not the most productive session maybe, but progress is progress. I did some more work on the head, trying to improve the new snout as well as the cable receiver on the back of the head. Unfortunately this old head sculpt does seem to have some symmetry problems and it hasn’t got a clearly-defined centerline, either, which makes locating things properly kind of difficult.
After the head work, I busted out the sandpaper to bevel the edges on the chest block. This is one of those tasks that I’d always put off for various reasons – like working with the part before beveling it gives you a better read on the shape of the part, things like that. There was always the assumption that at some point I’d be done with whatever else I needed to do with the chest block while it was still all blocky, and be ready to give it the soft curves it’s supposed to have on those edges. I guess that day is today. Sometimes this 100-day challenge is all about just diving in and trying things, even if sometimes that gets me in trouble.

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