Cockpit Canopy Work (day 25)

It can be a bit hard to start a new piece of work. Lately I’ve been thinking that I want to focus on getting the torso of the Zaku looking a lot closer to finished – that way when I show a piece of work, I can show it in context of at least some recognizable portion of the rest of the robot. In the end I didn’t get much done tonight, but I got a decent start on the canopy for the cockpit hatch.

A few things went wrong with this part – I didn’t get the measurements quite right, it’s actually too narrow at the top. But it’s handy using the grid plate for things like this, especially as it gives me a centerline to use as reference. One of the tricky bits here is that I also have to build up whatever structure will be behind the canopy – and I don’t really know what that will be. At the moment the new part is held in place with a generously-sized piece of poster tack to get it in the proper position.

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