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Advance Fee Fraud (day 66) »

Today I separated the mold halves for the upper leg and used epoxy putty to make hollow copies of the part. I also added a bit of missing detail to the sole of the foot.

Facing Defeat (day 64) »

Today I poured the second half of the upper leg mold and made some headway on the top of the foot:

Been Skipping Leg Day (day 61) »

My track record with the 100 day challenge has been rather poor lately. Tonight I got back into it and turned my attention to the leg parts.

Take my hand; I’ll make it, I swear! (day 56) »

Since I’ve made good headway with the torso I think it might be a good time to get back to the arm, try to get it to a point where it can be integrated into the overall build. First up, the hand:

We’re Halfway There (day 50) »

I didn’t get a lot of time in tonight and I’m at one of those points in the project where I’m not super-sure how to proceed. But I was able to check the completed midriff joint now that the epoxy putty is cured, do a little refinement there, and start on a bit of work […]

We’ll give it a shot… (day 49) »

It’s been challenging to make headway this week, just a lot going on. As always, just got to keep at it as well as I can. Last time I reworked the polycap installation for the midriff joint, and lamented the fact that the connecting rods installed in the midriff were still so far out of […]

Do it again, Do it better (day 46) »

Numerous times in the previous posts about the waist joint I said things like “I could have made this so much easier and better if I had the two polycaps stuck together with a styrene tube and built up the torso around it”… Sometimes it’s important to resist the urge to re-do work that’s already […]

Five Years Later… (day 45) »

Prior to the 100 day challenge my progress on this project was characterized by bursts of activity separated by years of non-engagement. The past couple days I haven’t managed to get any time in on the project. Missing two consecutive days of the challenge feels like that, like I’ve been making all this progress but […]

Poseable, Therefore Valid (day 42) »

I had struggled for a while to figure out how to add a polycap joint to allow the chest block to move relative to the midriff, but finally I found a solution: Have two polycaps, one on either side of the cockpit, so the joints wouldn’t prevent me from having a hatch-open cockpit part as […]

Midriff Work (day 40) »

Today I spent a big chunk of time puzzling about how to attach the head and midriff to the torso. I’m not sure I’ve come up with a solution I’m happy with yet so for now I’ve altered the midriff part to fit around the canopy frame.