Micro USB power connector for Nintendo 3DS »

I bought a 3DS recently, and I’ve had a lot of fun with it. But when I bought it, I was kind of shocked to learn it is sold without a charger. How can people be expected to continue to use their new portable game system after the first few hours of use without the […]


My 3D printer project (“Cheezbot”) has been progressing at a slow pace over the past year. It’s not up and running yet, but a lot has changed since the late-2014 post I made when I had just powder-coated and assembled the frame. Makeit Labs, where I store the project and do the majority of the […]

Hackerbot Project »

Earlier this year I decided that I’d like to have a 3D printer. I’d considered getting one for a while but I’d felt that they were too much hassle for not enough quality. This year I reconsidered and finally took the plunge. After considering my options I decided on a set of design features I […]

RGB upgrade for the Nintendo Entertainment System »

For a long time I was completely unaware of this: the composite video output that comes out of the NES is pretty terrible. When I got my first HDTV in 2007 and tried my Nintendo with it, I was able to see the problem clearly: straight edges were jagged, shapes staggered oddly as they moved […]

Infrared Sonic Screwdriver »

I built this about a year ago for a friend who was getting his PhD. It’s the 9th/10th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver from Doctor Who. I added an infrared remote control circuit to it (based on the Lady Ada version of TV-B-Gone), multiple UV LEDs in a random flashing pattern, then sealed the thing up and […]

Raven Controller Board Version History »

In the last post I talked about how I recently had a board fabricated that I’d designed… The purpose of this board is to make it very easy for me to install a microcontroller inside a model, even in very tight spaces… The general parameters of the design (specifically, the size) were dictated by my […]

My first circuit boards! There’s good news, and bad news… »

When I got started on my recent Armored Core project I decided I not only wanted it lit, I wanted to light the head and all the thrusters… Not only did I want ’em lit, I wanted to be able to control the brightness, too. And not only control the brightness, but control them via […]