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Integration over Forearm (day 6) »

Today I continued integration of the forearm parts: A few attempts to check and correct the alignment of the parts, and then the addition of epoxy putty to start making this integration more permanent.

I did not have the place up and running in a week or so. »

In my last post, way back in March, I briefly relayed the story of the basement flood that destroyed a bunch of stuff in my old work room, most notably a few significant pieces of gear like my computer’s UPS and my air compressor. I floated the rather optimistic projection that I could have the […]

Blender models, Git repository »

While working on various projects in the past I’ve created files I thought could be useful to other people: Generally speaking, I’ve shared these on the site simply by uploading them to the directories where I keep my web files. But for ongoing projects it’s more common for me to publish the files only when […]

Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, Movie Props »

In early September I started work on a Halloween costume: We have baby twins, a boy and a girl, and during the pregnancy (before deciding their real names) I took to calling them “Luke and Leia”. So, my plan for Halloween was to dress as their father, Darth Vader. In the end, unfortunately, I didn’t […]

Merry Christmas, damnit! »

The subject line is an early 1980s SNL reference. :)

Fixing the HGUC Zaku (part 2) »

Last time I talked a bit about what’s wrong with the HGUC Zaku, what inspired me to try to fix it, and showed a little bit of the process and the results of the modifications applied to the left leg. Since then, I’ve applied the same modifications to the right side. There’s still some rough […]

1:100 Zaku WIP »

I’ve been working on this project for a while: it is to be my entry in the Old Kits Contest on MMC…

This is what happens when you buy a Mac… in 2004, anyway »

So a few years back I got my first-ever laptop (well, if you don’t count the TRS-80 model 100…): a 12″ Powerbook. At the time I decided to go with Mac because I appreciated its Unix underpinnings, because I hate Windows, and because I didn’t want to deal with getting Linux to work right on […]

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this…” »

My host, Dreamhost, is doing some server migration – and in exchange for some free bird seed I’ve volunteered to be one of the early movers, and to be patient with ’em when things go wrong. So I guess we’ll see what happens…

Armored Core Group Build »

Kotobukiya’s Armored Core kit line is probably the best injection molded robot kit line to come out in recent years – and yet, it seems exceedingly rare that anybody posts so much as a WIP thread for one, let alone a finished kit.  I tried (and failed) to motivate the Armored Core fans out there […]

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